Urban planning
Interior Design

Contraster is a studio for contemporary architecture and innovative design, established in Sofia in 2005. Our team is a collaboration of highly qualified professionals - in all phases of the designing process, including urban planning, interior design and 3D visualizations. We have strong focus on context, sustainable design, improving our urban environment and designing functional and efficient buildings.

We believe that a clear concept is of exceptional importance for any project, but developing it in details, choosing the right structure and achieving fully integrated design solutions are by all means an extensive part of that concept. This unique integrated design approach enables us to obtain certain clarity about different parameters of the building, such as its total value, at a very early stage of the designing process.



We commit ourselves to innovative and sustainable design solutions, tailor-made to both site and user. Our studio undertakes different scales and types of projects, implementing new construction technologies for energy efficient buildings.

Urban planning

Our aim is to create urban spaces with regard to people's needs and provide responsible design with focus on the future of environment.

Interior design

In our interior projects we seek functionality as well as comfort without compromising the aesthetics and our initial concept. Our approach always takes into consideration the individual client’s needs.


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